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Setting up a new website is only a click away.  Once filled out someone will be in touch with you to discuss your website.  If you are looking for a new website or a website redesign, you can cut and paste your information in sections below. Thank you for your interest in Home Grown Sites someone will be in touch with you the next business day.

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Keywords and Website SEO

Please enter up to 15 keyword phrases. Limit your phrases to 3 - 4 words each.  Separate phrases with commas.  This section is very important for website SEO, and will effect your Google search engine rankings.  It is important to use these phrases in your website paragraphs. 

Please also fill in your site description.  Please limit this to 150 characters or less.


Please give us an executive summary about your business and services you offer. This page should grab your customer's attention, and tell them about yourself, your business and your services, in a short summary. You can give more detail about your business in the services and about us pages.

Services or Products Page

This page will give more detail about your services or products your business offers. You should list out individual details about your services or products you offer your customers and how you differ from your competition. You should include services or products you offer, prices, forms, and pictures of the work or items you sell.

About Us:

This page should include information about your company's history. Give details about how your business started, how long you have been in business, and your company's mission statement. You should also provide information about your officers (owners) and their education or experience. Include pictures of owners, and business buildings.

Contact Us:

This page should give your customers information about your business locations, and areas that you serve. This page will also include a form that customers will fill out to contact you about your services. Please include questions in this section you would like to ask your potential customers.

Other Information

If you choose an Advanced, High End, or Custom Website Design.  Please provide us additional information here, that would not normally appear on the other pages.

Pictures, Logos and file uiploads

After filling out the information above.  Please upload any pictures, logos in this area.