Computer Recycling

Befriend Mother Earth by Recycling Properly


Using the same technology the NSA uses for erasing old hard drives. we make sure your data is gone permanentlY! Hard Drive shreadding also available!

your data Permanently deleted

Our​ process

Inventory Old Equipment

- ​Compile list of incoming equipment.
- Forward report to customer
- Obtain customer approval to proceed with processing.

Delete data from old hard drives

- Apply software deletion methods for removing data.
 - Optionally shred old drives to completely destroy them and remove all data.
- Recycle old shredded drives

resell old equipment at auction 

- Process equipment and assign approximate values to equipment
- Obtain customer approval before sale of equipment.
- Post on multiple sites for sales and local buyers.

generated report on what sold and what was recycled

- Customer receives report on equipment sales - minus reseller fees.
- Remaining amount to be paid to company after sales have ended.
- First payment comes in within first 30 days of initial service.

What we accept

Rack mount Backup UPS units
Select laser printers.
Computer components
Memory and processors
Batteries from UPS and Laptops
Select Monitors
Film and flatbed scanners
Smartphones and tablets
Video game consoles
Network interfaces and equipment

What we can't accept

Stand-Alone batteries
Inkjet printers.
Phones or phone systems for POTS lines. (Plain Old Telephone Service)
Tires and Automotive components.
Old plastic equipment or packing materials.
Office furniture
Anything that may not meet recycling standards of our partners.

Services AvailabLE

We offer many other service for your recycling needs.

1) Physical Hard Drive Shredding.  It will take old hard drives and completely destroy them.
2) Custom Real-time reports on equipment status.
3) Refurbish and minor repair of removed equipment for resale.
4) Any cash receipts from equipment sales will be promptly returned to your company within 30 days minus consultant fees.

Key Features

The process is very easy.  Fill in the form below to start your journey to a better organized clean office with the security knowing you are helping the environment.

Call or Email us to start the process.

Gather assets to be removed from premises.

Go over inventory sheets of removed assets

Receive money back from sales within the first 30 days of service.

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