Video surveillance:

Cost effective solutions using the latest camera technology:

Tired of your security system breaking down every few years?

Replace outdated cameras with higher resolution models.

Avoid your security system from being  stolen during break-ins?

We  offer Synology Surveillance Station to all of our clients.  Synology Surveillance Station is built on proven technology to make your life easier with less worry.  Record from a single or multiple locations to our cloud service or run the system completely onsite.  Gone are the days of installing cheap low rez cameras with limited options.  Now is the time to update your cameras to higher resolution IP cameras.  No more looking at fuzzy videos to try to identify potential ​perpetrators during a break-in or running crude cabling throughout your business with outdated technology.

Synology Surveillance Station is an advanced camera security system that offers local or cloud storage to retain, record and optimize security even from multiple sites.

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